How to make an electric toothbrush (in 5 minutes)

An electric toothbrushing tool can be very useful for people who don’t like to have a messy workspace or want a simpler alternative to a vacuum cleaner.

But in a world where toothbrushes are becoming more popular, how do you make an affordable electric tooth brush that will work with all of your gadgets and appliances?

According to a recent post on Instructables, you can build a working electric toothpaste kit using your home automation system, your kitchen appliance, and a few tools.

But, as you’ll see, building an electric version of your toothbrush is really easy.

If you don’t want to buy any of the tools listed in this post, there’s a simple DIY guide to making an electric cleaning tool from parts kit to kit.

We hope you enjoyed building this DIY toothbrush kit as much as we did building it.

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