What you need to know about water damage to your home

What you will need: 1.

A clean towel – this should be a good, long one that is long enough to be comfortable and wash away the residue.


A wash cloth or cotton ball or washcloth brush – you will want to clean these up as well, especially if you have a lot of dust around.


A dry cloth – if you can find one, you can wash it off and then put it in a bowl to dry.


An oil-based detergent – it should be detergent-free and it should not contain any bleach.


A cloth towel – it needs to be long enough and washable to get a good wash.


A sponge – to soak up the oil-saturated water, you will also want to use a sponge to soak it up. 7.

A cotton cloth – this will help keep the oil from soaking in and will also help you to remove any dirt from your carpet and flooring.


A plastic bag – it can be used to store anything you might need to get rid of oil, and it will also protect the carpet and floors from further damage.


A small metal bucket – to collect any oil, it is also handy to have.


A metal bar – to put some pressure on the carpet, or even put some of the oil on it. 11.

A large plastic bottle – to keep the water from seeping into the carpet or flooring, it can also be used as a small bowl for the oil to soak into.


A few sheets of duct tape – it is a good idea to have at least two sheets, or two pairs of them.


A couple of disposable gloves – these will help you get a clean hand when cleaning up. 14.

A damp cloth or towel – you may want to have some paper towels, and a few cloth towels to wipe the floor and carpet.


A toothbrush or dental floss – you can also use a toothbrush to make sure you don’t use too much oil.


A little plastic baggie – it will allow you to keep any cleaning products.