Obama says US should continue military cooperation with Saudi Arabia, but ‘not in a war’

The U.S. is ready to “continue” military cooperation in the fight against Islamic State militants, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Thursday.

The administration is reviewing the potential of deploying U.K. troops to Saudi Arabia in a bid to bolster the kingdom’s efforts to counter the group.

Carter said he was not making any final decisions about what to do.

The U,S.

have both fought a bitter war against the Islamic State group, which is trying to establish an Islamic caliphate across much of Iraq and Syria.

The United States has said it will support Saudi Arabia to fight Islamic State extremists.

Saudi Arabia has sent some 3,000 troops to help fight the Islamic Republic of Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition has been battling the rebels and Shiite rebels, who want to overthrow the internationally recognized government.

A U.N. report on Thursday said more than 2,300 people were killed and 2,800 wounded by Saudi-backed airstrikes.

The coalition has said its forces have been able to defeat the rebels.

The president said on Thursday that his administration would continue to seek more allies in the war against Islamic al Qaeda, despite the criticism from President Donald Trump.

Trump said last week that the U.,S.-led coalition’s bombing campaign in Yemen was not a war, saying it was a humanitarian effort and did not aim to destroy the country.

Carter has said he has made no decisions about U.