“I’m the dentist who doesn’t want to take my kids out of the house because I hate them”

The former dentist who had a series of bad experiences with his patients, including a patient who had multiple dental caries, says he’s taking his own kids out and giving them a cleanse.

He also wants to help people with dental problems.

“I just think the kids are a lot more likely to be exposed to other issues than I am.

They have more access to them and the dentist can go in and take a look at it and do something different,” said Dr. Steven G. Smith.

Dr. Smith has been a dental hygienist for 20 years.

He’s now helping to raise money to buy a new, high-tech device that can be used by the patient and the dentist to clean their teeth.

He’s not sure how much it will cost, but he hopes it’ll make a difference.

The device is called the Dental Cleaning Tool, and it is a $25,000 machine that has two blades.

One blade is shaped like a toothpick, the other is a plastic toothbrush, and the teeth are cleaned from each side of the blade.

When the dentist is done cleaning, he says it cleans from the inside of the toothbrush into the outside.

The Dental Tool is made by a company called Acumen.

They’re looking for investors to fund their development.

Dr, Smith said he would use the money to help his dental hyGienist clients.