Why did I get so angry when I saw that the ‘blind cleaner’ tool is called a ‘grout cleaning tool’?

The blushing emoji was just the icing on the cake when we noticed this new, unannounced cleaning tool that was coming to Polygon.

It’s the newest addition to the Polygon cleaning tool family, and it’s called the ‘Blind Cleaning Tool’ in the description on Polygon’s website.

It will reportedly be available starting April 1st.

The name is actually an homage to the original Blind Cleaning Tools, which were sold in the early 2000s for $49.99 in the US.

The new tool is also a product of Microsoft’s Bing Ads platform, which uses Bing Ads as a platform to target ads based on user interests and interests.

The company has a history of targeting ads to people who share similar interests, but it was unclear how many of those people were affected by the new tool.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment.

Microsoft says that it is “actively working on a new version of the Blind Cleaner to provide more accurate, personalized and relevant product recommendations,” and it is working on ways to provide better, more personal results.

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