NFL Players take on fish cleaning tool cleaner at grocery store

The NFL Players Association on Tuesday sued the makers of a cleaning product that the league said is toxic to fish.

The lawsuit alleges that the cleaning product, made by a company called Fisher Scientific, is used in more than 2,000 food and drink products, including some from grocery stores.

The NFLPA said the cleaning products are used to clean up fish feces, but that they also are used for cleaning up food and beverage containers.

The NFLPA also alleges that fish cleaning products have been used in other products, such as cosmetics, and that those products are sold at grocery stores without being tested for harmful ingredients.

The league said in a statement that the lawsuit is part of an ongoing effort to fight against pollution in sports.

The lawsuit is being brought in federal court in San Francisco, where the NFL and the NFL Players Players Association have offices.

The players association has a long history of litigation and litigation has been a major factor in the NFL’s economic fortunes, the league added.