Earphones cleaning tools and ear cleaning tools

Gully cleaning products and earphones cleaning products are among the most common cleaning products sold online.

Some brands also have a dedicated website to sell them.

But it’s not all about the earphones.

Many products are also ear cleaning products, and some ear cleaning companies offer products that help your ear get rid of fungus, ear mites, ear lice and other ear parasites.

A cleaner’s tipThe best way to clean your ear is to follow a basic cleaning tip.

Clean your ear with the earplugs you use.

Remove any ear plugs from your ear.

Clean the inside of your ear by rubbing a cloth or soft cloth across your ear canal.

Wipe your ear to loosen any ear hair and any ear canal plugs.

Apply a cotton pad to your ear, wipe your ear and repeat.

If you have any questions about ear cleaning, contact the Health Canada Health Branch at 1-800-952-4544.